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Exercise Sessions

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Exercise Sessions

Exercise Sessions

Exercise Sessions

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Cupping Therapy

Exercise Sessions

Cupping Therapy

Also known as Wet Cupping and Hijama is a therapeutic treatment tool. Now becoming  an increasingly popular and a favourite in the Olympics.

The primary aim of cupping therapy is to detoxify and cleanse the body, by drawing toxic blood. As a result new blood cells are produced and the immune system is strengthened.

Benefits include;

  • Pain and Inflammation reduction
  • Treatment of muscular and skeletal issues
  • Circulatory and Immune system boost
  • Treatment of metabolic, neurological and psychological conditions 

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Productive Health Packages


  • ONE Musculoskeletal Screening
  • TWELVE 1 Hour PT Sessions 
  • THREE 30 Minute Deep Tissue Massages  


  • ONE Musculoskeletal Screening 
  • EIGHT 1 Hour PT Sessions 
  • TWO 30 Minute Deep Tissue Massages   


  • FIVE 1 Hour PT Sessions  
  • ONE 30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage  

Success Stories

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment


"I recently had an assessment - which highlighted issues that I suffered from. I now have solid advice and exercises to help heal my body. I would recommend getting an assessment as it is very beneficial & you receive honest and sound advice from a qualified professional about your personal wellbeing, like I did!"

Initial Treatment

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment


"My first session was great!...I was having severe back pain and couldn't get out of bed. After my first session I found instant improvements and it only got better during the week. The exercises I was given during the session I found very beneficial and carried them out for the rest of the week. I have booked further sessions and looking forward to the help. It was definitely a tailor made session for me. Would recommend to others".

Cupping Therapy

Initial Assessment

Cupping Therapy


"My Cupping/Hijama experience

Wet Cupping/Hijama relieved me from agonising back pain and stiffness. After the session the pain was less and more manageable. The therapist talked me through the process which made me feel relaxed. She began with massage cupping and then moved on to wet cupping/hijama- she was very gentle. I would highly recommend everyone to get wet cupping/hijama done".


Group Fitness Class

Cupping Therapy


I've been doing the cardio knockout classes for a few months now & have really felt the benefit not only in terms of fitness but also confidence. Being a women only class is really beneficial to me". Zahra is a really good motivator & very encouraging. Thank you!"

Personal Training

Group Fitness Class

Group Fitness Class


"I have enjoyed my sessions with Azma. I was nervous at first, but I have found her approach to be supportive and sensitive to my needs. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our sessions and I feel she keeps the sessions varied and productive". 

Group Fitness Class

Group Fitness Class

Group Fitness Class


"I started the class as a complete beginner and not particularly fit either. I leave every class feeling energised and revitalised from a full body workout and really looking forward to the next session. Azma and Zahra keep us motivated and there's a great energy brought to the class from all the participants".


Back Pain Management

Come along to our Back Pain Management Workshop where you will learn exactly what to do with some extra bonuses!  

Exclusively presented by Musculoskeletal Specialists. Delivering current evidence based research, giving you an insight in how to manage back pain


* Theory presentation * Practical demonstrations  * 30 minute Pilates session * 10 min phone consultation *Gift Bag *Health advice *Refreshments *Action plan to take home 

This is a unique opportunity to really learn how to manage your pain and pamper yourself at the same time. 


We have limited places at this exclusive workshop tailored to your needs. 

For more information contact the Productive Health Team on 

07404 700 101